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Summer Of Love video is out now!

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Not seen the Summer Of Love video yet? This article about the video is taken from

“Double A-sided singles from Steps means not just two fantastic tunes but a pair of stunning videos to boot and we have the full-length version of their brand new song, Summer Of Love, for you to feast your eyes on.

Summer Of Love is a full-on pop fest contrasting with their classy black and white promo for slushy slowy, When I Said Goodbye, and, best thing of all, Claire sports bright pink-tinged hair!

Pulling together current trends and vibes, its mix of a Latino Gap advert and a West Side Story-style saga with the band playing the roles of a clean-cut goodie-goodie Steps gang and the sharp’n’slick members of a bad Steps posse all at the same time.

Confused? Well, the band certainly weren’t and Faye was quite clear about which gang she would rather be a member of. ‘I liked being good Steps most because the clothes were a bit more funky,’ she told worldpop. ‘The bad Steps look was a bit vampish and I’m not very good at being vampish with my hair in dreads!’

The video, which featured the dancers from Steps’ worldpop-sponsored tour, took two days to shoot and according to Faye, ‘It was a really fun couple of days!’

So I am not alone when I say it looks like a Gap advert then? Hehe…

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