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Summer Of Love video is on the way

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As GenSTEPS predicted last month, we saw the video for one of the new singles released: When I Said Goodbye. The massive new tune Summer Of Love should get its video release mid-June, ready for the single release on 3 July.

This month we will probably see more dates added to the Christmas tour as Steps plan to at least 65 concerts this year. Doing some rough maths here, they are doing about 30 dates on the Steptacular tour, six open air dates, which leaves 29 still to come… perhaps.

Also make sure you vote for Steps at Disney Awards 2000 they are behind S Club and YOU can make the difference! Vote as many times as you can, vote every day, just make sure you vote lots so Steps win Band Of The Year again!

Also I found this on Official Steps, I know not all of you are fans of it so might not have seen it so here it is:

Steps will be filming a show for LWT called ‘The One And Only STEPS’. It’s like a mini concert they will be performing 10 songs and it will be broadcast across the UK this summer.

There are a limited number of tickets, here’s how to get them:

Name of the show: The One & Only Steps
Date of the recording: Tues 20 June
Time to arrive: Doors Open 6.45 – 7.15 pm Records 7.30 – 9.30 pm at LWT, London TV Centre, Upper Ground, London SE1 9LT
Age Limit strictly 10+

Interested? Of course you are so e-mail – [email protected], or fax using the number
020 7261 8027
or you can write to Audience Research at the address mentioned above. Unsuccessful applicants will not be told, if you are successful you will get your tickets five days before the event! Good Luck!

In a recent interview about *NSYNC’s supporting role for the forthcoming Britney Spears tour which hits the UK shores this October, Justin was quoted as saying: “There’s a lot of acts in the UK who don’t really sing,” he said. “We want to get the word across that we’re vocalists, so you’ll see a big musical element in our show, but our choreography is definitely hot too.”

It seems that it is quite well known in the US that the majority of UK acts don’t sing live as much as they should do. This isn’t just Steps, it seems to be a major problem among most UK groups. Last year 5ive were taken off the *NSYNC supporting bill as they where not singing live on it. Unlike the UK, the US doesn’t tolerate it as much as we do and this will be a vital step up for Steps if they plan to break the US market fully.

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