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Steps wow the crowd at Abbamania – even though they weren’t there!

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Jack went along to the recording of ABBAMANIA yesterday and was as impressed with the show as the rest of the audience there. Steps performed two songs, because of their popularity, while other acts did just one (yay!).

Their performances were recorded in the morning because they had their Glasgow concert to go to in the evening when the rest of the show was done. The first song that Steps performed was Lay All Your Love On Me. Everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor when the first line sung by Claire was actually her singing and not miming. The rest of the group weren’t to be left out though as each member went on to sing their own verse perfectly! To round this performance off were extra dancers, very ABBA costumes and the best dance routine the group have ever come up with.

Context added in March 2020:
It was actually Faye that sang the first line in Lay All Your Love On Me, and it was definitely not performed live. The second song performed as I Know Him So Well.

When the audience arrived in the evening and were told Steps wouldn’t be there, they were all disappointed and started complaining. The performances were then shown to everyone on monitors around the studio getting the biggest cheer of the night. Only the two songs performed by Steps got a proper response from the crowd with everyone joining in with Lay All You Love On Me, it was that good. Their second song was a ballad but just as impressive with the group dressed in black.

Other acts that attended the evening – all giving their time for free as it is a charity show – were Westlife performing I Have A Dream, B*Witched performing Does Your Mother Know, Madness with Money Money Money, Culture Club performing Voulez-Vous with five of the most attractive dancers known to man, Martine McCutcheon performing Mamma Mia, Stephen Gately with Chiquitita and finally the presenter of the night, Denise Van-Outen, performing Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!.

Then everyone joined in for the grand finale of Dancing Queen. Notice Steps are absent in this – they were performing their final Glasgow concert. Every act was superb and with the main subject being ABBA it couldn’t fail to be a top show. Do not miss this as it is the best music show on TV for years. Let’s just hope that Lay All You Love On Me gets a release.

The show is to be aired on ITV1 on Saturday 6 November. And will later be released on video and an album will also follow shortly after.

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