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Steps win Best Group at the TMF awards

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Yesterday, the TMF awards were held in Belgium and the top prize went to Steps. They were nominated for the Best Group award and they beat Volumia, a band that are huge in Belgium at the moment. This is fantastic for the group and will help establish them as the top group of the year. So far at every awards ceremony that Steps have been nominated at they have walked away with the awards. Thanks to Katrin for this information.

Steps are on nearly every music website at the moment because of the new album and tour going on all at once. The best site is with two huge features on the group with loads of fab pics from the TV Hits awards. Thanks to Phillip for telling us about this.

And hop on over to for a few sections on the group. Then get on over to for a backstage feature from the recording of their single After The Love Has Gone. There is a lot to read up on the group today.

A pretty important thing has happened… the Spice Girls have announced they won’t be releasing a Christmas single because they are too busy. The group had previously got the UK Christmas number one for three years in a row and were the top contenders for that coveted chart spot. Now they have dropped out, it is leaving the way clear for Steps with what has to be described as the best single combination available: a double-A side of Say You’ll Be Mine / Better The Devil You Know. The only real competition they have now is S Club 7.

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