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Steps update from our Australia reporter

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Before I get any more e-mails about this, GenSTEPS has never said that Deeper Shade Of Blue has been delayed! All dates I have still suggest 13 March but reports are indicating that it will move… more when I get it.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this but Live & Kicking will be doing a feature on the Steps To The Stars programme that will be starting on BBC TV shortly.

Pop down to the BRITS 2000 voting website and vote for our Steps. The best Pop Act award is sponsored by SMTV/CDUK so watch them for more information on the award!

Recently there have been a lot of reports that H has got a girlfriend. Apparently, her name is Sarah and she is a 19-year-old dancer, but not for Steps. More information when we get it.

Faye & Claire had a photo shoot on the set of the TV show Neighbours. They were also due to film an episode but as they didn’t have much time and half the group was in the Philippines, it couldn’t be done!

Good news from Vancouver in Canada. Tragedy is now five-time champion on the local radio station’s “hit election”. It beat Madonna’s new single last night. Steps are averaging about 68% of the vote each night – with one night getting about 80%. If the requests keep coming in as they are now, Steps will make top 40 in Vancouver!

Here’s a report from our Australian Steps reporter Richard! Thanks to him for sending it in!

Steps had a busy day in Australia yesterday. After shopping in Sydney, they attended a press conference at Fox Studios Sydney, where I and mate Dave (from StepsOnline Australia (We’ll allow him the plug this time – Matt) had the pleasure of asking them a question each. No major news here, but it was revealed that Steps are bugging management to organise a live concert in Australia. Later they appeared on Channel [V] and met some of their fans outside the studio. In the evening they attended the premiere and after party of “Drive Me Crazy”. Tonight they will be off to DCM Sydney to judge the finals of a drag queen contest where contestants must perform to a Steps song to win! A BIG thanks needs to go to Faye and Lee for recognising their Australian fans (including Dave and I… they remembered our faces at the press conference from the night before at the Pepsi Music Show).

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