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Steps to launch ‘unprecedented’ global campaign

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Interesting developments on worldwide promotion, and good if it all goes to plan. This is from the official site:

This is the first promotion of its kind to ever have taken place for a pop group and is of such a scale that it will span over 50 websites from 6 different territories including France, Germany, Australasia, Italy and Spain. It will be seen by millions across the globe. The five of us are VERY excited to be involved in such a project.

We’ll have much more on this subject with full details of the websites that are included and what you can look forward to soon. We can already tell you that you will be able to download full STEPS songs for a month absolutely FREE. On top of this you get exclusive gossip on what the five of us are up to across Europe at any time, anywhere! Sound good? Keep an eye on our site to keep track of all of these online happenings.

Free song downloads eh? Interesting. As STEPS are on Jive it will probably be the same sort of thing that Backstreet did for their worldwide release of Black & Blue where songs will probably be digital downloads which expire after a period of time.

Thanks to Gordon for this information below, we’re not too sure if it is correct yet and we’re only printing some of the news he’s sent in, we’ll be researching the rest!

Gordon has e-mailed to say that the Steps forthcoming tour is due to be between October and December of this year and that tickets should be on sale in May at some time, probably around the time of the single I’d guess as any dates would tie in with any promotion around that time.

It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is in the top 20 on Australian Radio Stations, Gordon’s friend in Australia has informed him that the single is predicted to go top 10, possibly top 5!

I got a reply from the Box who told me that they are expecting the video for You’ll Be Sorry very shortly. I’ll try and get a date off them as soon as I can from when they will be adding it to their playlist!

Talking about the Box, I’ve noticed that Here & Now entered Box Tops at quite a lower position that what I was expecting. Here & Now entered at number eight on Box Tops. Let’s get it higher! Phone 09001 44 66 00 and follow the prompts, when asked dial 182 and wait for confirmation that your selection has gone through. Even if you don’t have The Box and can get away with a 75p request then please phone also!

Also talking about touring, I heard somewhere that the S Club 7 tour which is due to start shortly will have a live band. I have no idea if this is true or not, but if they do it would mean that Steps would be one of only a few of the big British acts yet to tour with a live band/ Hopefully Jive and their management team have also noticed this and are rectifying this for the next tour. A1 had a band on their tour and share the same management team, just I’m thinking if Steps do tour again without a live band it would be their 4th arena tour without one and the critics and reviews might just pick up on this!

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