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Steps not getting airplay in the US?

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US Steps fans are getting annoyed now at their lack of airplay, so one GenSTEPS visitor emailed his local radio station. This was the reply:

“Thanks for the mail, I’m aware of the band and their songs, but the tunes your have mentioned do not qualify for airplay in the US, because they did not chart. We only play charted artists, but I do agree that they are a great band… if they ever chart, we’ll be on ’em ! Thanks for taking the time to write, they should hire you as a marketing assistant. :o)

Todd Andrews
Program Director
Q103 WQCY”

So according to this station, Steps don’t qualify for radio play as they never charted on the Billboards. I am led to believe that the Billboard Charts are based more on Airplay than sales anyway, the US number one last week topped the chart without even selling one copy! So Steps are not charting due to not getting any airplay… Tragedy in the US actually placed inside the Top 40 in the US just on sales, but due to no airplay never charted in the billboards, so it’s all rather strange. Note not all radio stations in the US follow this format.

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