Steps in 2022

Steps make it into the record books!

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We knew it was coming but today it was finally confirmed. Steps’ HUGE 33-concert tour is officially the biggest tour ever to hit the UK. Because of this the fab five will feature in the next issue of the Guinness Book Of Records. And we should also expect an appearance on the CBBC TV show too. This is the second piece of news this week about the group that has hit mainstream news. The last group that managed that was the Spice Girls. Could this be a sign of just how popular the group have now become?

The actual date Lee and Lisa will be presenting the Pepsi Chart will be the 9 October. We will have the ticket hotline up soon. Remember the last time? Let’s see if we can pack out the Pepsi Chart with GenSTEPS readers again! But remember to cheer for the other artists this time! Of course we will be going along to cover the event and join in with you lot 🙂 And then we have the actual performance of After The Love Has Gone to look forward to, not to mention the other TV shows such as CD:UK and TOTP. As soon as the dates that Steps will be performing on these shows are finalised we will announce the phone numbers to call to get your free tickets, so stay tuned.

Out today is this fortnight’s issue of Smash Hits. You get a free guide telling you how to be a pop star with tips from Steps. Inside there are a number of small articles on the group as well as a fantastic poster of Lee and H looking all smart in suits. At £1.25 a real bargain.

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