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From WorldPop: In an exclusive interview with worldpop, Steps have revealed that they have no intention of following the example of Boyzone and the Spice Girls by taking on solo careers, and have rubbished speculation that they are to split after the release of their greatest hits album Gold this year. ‘We haven’t discussed doing solo stuff,’ Claire Richards told worldpop. ‘We’ve got a single coming out this month and one at Christmas and a big tour so we haven’t got time for anything other than Steps.’ ‘Our priorities are with Steps,’ continued Faye Tozer. ‘Every time I even think about a solo project, something bigger and better comes up within the band.’ The group told worldpop they did not want to be put in a position where they had to choose between Steps and a solo career. ‘To be honest, I’m not sure how well doing both has worked for other people,’ said Claire ‘When something’s doing so well you shouldn’t move on until the time’s right,’ added Lee Latchford-Evans. ‘As long as Steps goes I’m happy to stay with it, till the day it dies.’ But if press rumours are to be believed that day could be coming sooner rather than later. What do Steps say to the speculation that they will split after the release of the Gold album? ‘We are NOT splitting up,’ insisted Lisa Scott-Lee. ‘It’s the end of the chapter but not the end of the book.’ And if you want even more proof that pop’s perkiest players have got a more dance routines in them yet, they’re already working on their next album! ‘We’ve all been writing songs for the next album,’ said Faye. ‘Lee and I were in Sweden recently working with a production team there and we’re all going to be spending lots of time on the album next year. In fact, the only split you’re going to see in Steps is when we all take solo holidays,’ Faye chuckled. Steps’ cover of Diana Ross’s Chain Reaction is released on 24 September. Steps Gold is out on 15 October. Hopefully this will bring happier news to those from the US visiting this site. With Steps in Sweden again it seems that perhaps this album might be that one last attempt at the US market :o) Full service will resume tomorrow, just in case you’ve missed anything: There are many many stories on this at etc. In short the USA has suffered major terrorist attacks. Both towers of the World Trade Centre have collapsed, the Pentagon has also been hit. All where hit by commercials aircraft all aircrafts where Boeing 737, 747.757 or 767. American Airlines have said that they have “lost” two aircraft. News reports state that another aircraft is heading to Washington DC. The London Stock Exchange, Canary Wharf and more have been closed here in London. This is truly terrible news and our thoughts are with those people who have been caught up in this. I would imagine that both the US & UK air forces are at standby so that any unauthorised aircraft will be removed from the sky. New reports of new crashes are coming in every minute – If you are interested keep tuned to the websites above or your local TV News Channel.

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