Steps in 2022

Steps in Hotshots magazine special

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Another Hotshots magazine completely dedicated to Steps has been released this month. It is packed full of Steps pictures and gossip. And as if the photo-quality pictures weren’t enough to warrant the £2.25 price, then how about massive posters of each member of the group as well as another double-sided poster of the entire group! I highly advise any Steps fan to buy this magazine as it has so much news about the group it’ll keep you occupied for ages. And some of the photos are completely new. My fave has to be the one where all of Steps are dressed in black with Lisa standing proud at the front in leather gear. While I was getting that I also bought the Smash Hits magazine which is worth the £1.25 price. It has quite a few Steps pictures and as stated before an excellent poster. Thanks to Fizz for telling me it was out. Unfortunately it appears that the Official Interview CD release date has been set back. When the final date is issued it will be posted immediately.

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