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Steps embrace a new sound with Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart

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The single title is… Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart! Release date is 6 July 1999. Yes that’s right, it has moved forward! The single has a completely new sound, although still a pop sounding song. Claire sings the lead and it is said to be their best song to date. We look forward to getting this even more now! And as for the new album… just take a look at the release date: 20 September 1999. A whole month earlier! To say that all of us here are excited is an understatement to say the least! They have completed nearly eight tracks, although they haven’t been mixed yet. It is also looking more and more likely that the single When I Said Goodbye – the duet by Claire and H – will be their Christmas single, going for the number one spot for the millennium. Whether they will accompany this with another storming cover like Tragedy to secure that number one is still debatable. But forget that! It’s only 2 months until we get to buy new Steps material, and less than that to hear it.

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