Steps in 2022

Steps are taking over the pop mags!

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Out today are the two top pop magazines – TOTP and Smash Hits – both of which are positively overflowing with Steps news, info, pictures, song lyrics and interviews as well as one ginormous poster of the group.

Smash Hits features Lee on the front cover alongside Dane from Another Level, Scott and Rich from Five as well as two members of Westlife. They are all dressed up in their very smart suits complete with bow ties holding none other than queen of pop (along side Faye, Lisa and Claire of course!)… Geri Halliwell! There are so many Steps articles, it’s a wonder they don’t call the mag Smash Steps – er actually that sounds a bit violent but you know what I mean!

What’s more, it shows you a topless pic of Lee (he can’t keep that shirt on can he?) flexing those pecs and showing off his six-pack, that should keep the masses happy! Then there is a whole page dedicated to Claire with an interview. On top of this, there are loads of other interviews with the group throughout the magazine. To top the mag off, there is a poster of Steps looking positively gorgeous in their Say You’ll Be Mine gold costumes. And don’t forget to vote for Steps on the Smash Hits voting form in this month’s issue! Did I mention you get a free pop notepad too, and all for just £1.45!

Also out today is TOTP mag with Westlife on the front cover. You get the biggest poster of the group ever made, which is worth the £1.50 asking price alone! There is an interview with the group from right after they won the best band of the year award at the Disney Kids Club Awards. The rest of the magazine is jam packed full of Steps articles and pictures. There’s even a two page spread with interview and photos of the group in the same train as on the programme A Date With Steps, shown on CITV last week. But what really makes the magazine is that they have printed a few pictures from the TOTP interview with Steps a few months ago, including one from me! They used my ingenious question about Geri Halliwell (well I thought it was good!), I’m under the name ‘Jack – PlanetSTEPS’ as the interview took place before GenSTEPS was even around!

Make sure you watch CD:UK this Saturday on ITV from 11.30am as they will be previewing the video of Say You’ll Be Mine for terrestrial TV viewers in the UK. Don’t miss it! It has to be the funniest music video since After The Love Has Gone!

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