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Steps and Ricky Martin are neck and neck

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Announced today by Chart Track, Steps and Ricky Martin are neck and neck in this week’s sales charts. Although yesterday the London number one was Steps, the total UK sales could swing either way. This could prove to be a huge setback if Steps don’t get to number one. They have pulled out all the stops with this release and it is the turning point of their career.

There is much talk about the disappointment of the CD2 all over the internet and on the radio. Capital FM have commented that because of the high price point of the new single, people are opting to buy only one CD and that is the one that isn’t enhanced. Capital FM have received a number of messages from fans who feel cheated by the expensive single which doesn’t even include the full video. My recommendation is to buy only CD1 as it has the awesome B-side To Be Your Hero and a very good remix too. The second CD is not worth buying – sadly though, Steps fans will pay the money (including me!) and the PR guys know it.

It seems even Steps are losing control of the magazine situation at the moment. Just take a look at this pic of Lisa pretending to be Queen Amidala from the new Star Wars movie! Although she looks much better than the original there’s something about this pic that makes me think she’s bored, embarrassed and fed up. The 5ive lads who also feature in this article admitted in TV Hits magazine that they found that photoshoot embarrassing! Also in this month’s Smash Hits mag are loads of Steps articles plus a poster of last month’s cover shot. As well as the 99 most hunksome guys in the world of pop. H came in at a very good number three and poor Lee got to only number 27! Still that’s good if you look at the rest of the competition.

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