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Lisa’s video edited: spot the difference!

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To the left are three of the most memorable shots in Lisa Scott-Lee’s new video “Get it on”. To the right are three of the new shots replacing the other three in Lisa Scott-Lee’s new video “Get it on”.

Fewer breasts, no licking, and blanked-out bottom shaking.

As widely expected, a heavily edited version of the video hit the music channels today and can be seen on Chart Show TV (Sky 455, free-to-air) or on Flaunt (Sky 473, subscription). But it isn’t just the video that’s been chopped about, the song has been reordered somewhat too, with a somewhat longer middle-8.

Here’s a conversation I overheard at the gym whilst said video was on the video wall:

Hunk 1: Look at her t**s!
Hunk 2: I wouldn’t say no!
Hunk 1: Phwoar!!

Well, that’s positive to hear, isn’t it? Incidentally, the cover has been revealed, and here it is:

Get it on

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