Steps in 2022

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Also the sales bundler was also mentioned on Newsround on CBBC yesterday also, so I don’t think that any channel has left this untouched, but still it seems that the promotion isn’t having much effect as …….. According to Steve Penk today on London’s Capital FM, STEPS are currently being out sold by Rui Da Silva in the midweek charts. So make sure you grab your copy and get your friends to buy a copy before the shops close on Saturday Evening! Dotmusic are reporting the same sort of story: Bob The Builder’s chart ascendancy finally looks set to be ‘fixed’ this weekend, when Rui Da Silva’s ‘Touch Me’ claims the Number One position. Bob, whose ‘Can We Fix It’ has been at the top of the charts for three weeks, is expected to be overrun by Da Silva, which has sold almost 17,000 copies this week. Steps are expected to come close to the Number One, having been the victim of a blunder in a number of UK record shops, with almost 1,000 copies sold last week, seven days before the official release. The single went in at Number 72 and it is expected to come just short of the Number One, having shifted almost 15,000 copies so far this week, to claim the Number Two position provisionally. This means STEPS are only 2,000 copies behind which can be overturned if we get everyone we know to by the single. It could be closer by Sunday which seems those 1,000 odd copies might go against STEPS now, so please try and get as many people as you know to get a copy by Saturday Evening!

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