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That’s another month down and a lot has happened for Steps throughout August. Although they have been badly missed by fans in Europe, the Steps fanatics in the US have finally got what they have longed for, for over a year now: the first US release of a Steps record and a tour.

It may appear as if the tour didn’t go too well for the gang, with the single One For Sorrow not even hitting the top 50, but the situation isn’t as bad as it may seem. There are a large number of dedicated Steps followers in US that will help spread the word. And the majority of the country now knows who Steps are after their appearance at the Teen Choice Awards.

The tour with Britney Spears certainly helped, with a number of people going along to the concert just to see Steps open for her. We expect big things with the release of the single Tragedy and the debut album Step One. The best news that we have heard so far is that the video for One For Sorrow is now on the US Box. It is also featured on the US Box website – so come on guys, get dialling! European fans may soon get the chance to see the new video for the song on The Box. The old version is no longer listed and as one of the group’s most popular songs it is only logical that it is being replaced with the US video. We’ll keep you posted.

This month is set to be one of the worst months for Steps fans. Why? Because it will appear a very long time until October comes around with the release of the next single After The Love Has Gone, the release of the very long awaited Steps: The Official Book, and then most exciting of all is the brand new album Steptacular.

And who can possibly forget that colossal arena tour? Nearly every venue is now completely sold out. So if you were planning on going to one of the Wembley dates, prices have now soared to £60 for a good seat and £40 for seats nearer the back. Not only is it a record-breaking tour (even bigger than any the Spice Girls ever did) but it will also be the first Steps tour to go to Ireland. The question is: will you be able to stand the excitement?

Well don’t worry, as GenSTEPS will be here to comfort you, with all the latest news and information on the sparkly group everyone loves to bits. And yes even your brother who listens to Oasis and the Verve secretly adores them!

Jack – Editor

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