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OT: Hear’Say & Yesterday’s News Correction

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It was revalled today that Hear’Say have sold a whopping 160,000 copies of their debut single in just one day. The single is set to become one of the biggest selling debut singles of all time. Britney currently sits at the number four spot for this record with 467,000 copies old in one week, Baby One More Time had sold just under 130,000 copies on its first day. HMV predict sales to hit over 500,000 copies for a week (which is rather scary) and experts say it will be the biggest selling single this year! Its now going to be interesting how STEPS and other acts who share the same formula e.g. S Club 7 respond to this. Anyway thanks to Chris for pointing out my errors in yesterday’s news. The proper chart positions should read: Belgium – Stomp: 33, down two places. Spain – Stomp: 17 up one place. We now have the URLs for the charts for these two countries so we’ll bring you correctly up to date with these charts on a weekly basis. If you want you’re countries charts also listed then e-mail me at [email protected].

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