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Official Steps split Q&A

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The official website has tried to ease our worries by posting an Q&A about the spilt. For me it just raises more questions than answering what we need to know…

When did it happen? Although the decision to part company was very well considered by all of the band, it was only made very recently.

What about the old rumours? All of the previous rumours were untrue and as you know there have been many of them over the years.

Why? STEPS have always said that they did not want to be a band who gradually declined and things could not really get better than they have been in the last few months.

What are STEPS doing now? Everybody is taking a break with their families and friends now but they want to send a special thank you and love to all the fans who have been so supportive and understanding.

Make your own decisions here… I know that it just raises more unanswered questions for me…

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