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This is from NME, I missed it yesterday; HEAR’SAY, STEPS, a1 and MEL B were among the acts who performed to 25,000 teenage fans at GLASGOW’s BELLAHOUSTON PARK in the IRN BRU-sponsored LIVE ‘N’ LOUD festival. Sugababes, Dane Bowers and Damage also performed sets at the day-long event, dubbed “Teens in the Park”, although Atomic Kitten were a no-show as Liz McLarnon had lost her voice at a previous gig. It was left to local acts to open the proceedings: Claire Freeland, one of the ‘Popstars’ rejects on display, performed her new single ‘Free’, and Scottish boyband Right Now also got a good response from their home crowd, closing with their new single, a version of LeAnn Rimes’ ‘How Do I Live’. Other local acts included fellow Scots ‘Popstars’ flop, Darius, who unlike many acts performed live, accompanied only by acoustic guitar for his single ‘Mockingbird’, which had an Eagle Eye Cherry feel to it. Darius also embarked on one of his traditional rants, saying: “Never let anyone say you’re not good enough,” and giving the impression he may have to be dragged off the stage. Sugababes also elected for live action, unlike the piper who mimed along to Dario G’s ‘Carnival De Paris’, and Steps delivered a polished set, with the vocal parts all pre-recorded. This was not the norm for the event, however, as Mel B and Damage also performed live. Likewise with a1’s acapella performance. Hear’Say were the critics’ choice, however, with their polished performance of ‘Pure & Simple’ and a cover of ‘Boogie Wonderland’ stealing the show. I think this is the 3rd or so review I have read which has described the Steps show as “polished but not live” – seems that the media is beginning to pick up on the lack of live vocals at events like this and on their own tours – maybe a live band is out of the question for the next tour – but more live vocals, or a totally live show – even if the polish is slightly scratched on the surface to achieve the live show – would really put a stop to the media responding in this manner and would make a few of us fans happy :o) Here’s another US Buzz tracklisting – thanks to a few people who sent this in to me – please note that NO official US tracklisting has been announced yet: 1. Stomp 2. It’s The Way You Make Me Feel 3. Buzzz 4. Here And Now 5. Happy Go Lucky 6. Summer Of Love 7. Better The Devil You Know 8. You’ll Be Sorry 9. Learn To Love Again 10. Never Get Over You 11. Hand On Your Heart 12. Paradise Lost 13. Turn Around 14. If You Believe 16. Human Touch 17. 5,6,7,8 Instrumental Well 17 tracks is a little better just the inclusion of the Instrumental of 5678 seems a little on the cheap side to me and hopefully will be replaced with another new track come the actual release date! Keep looking here as we’re on the case for the official tracklisting! Steps are set to perform at the Party In The Park in Brighton on Sunday 24th June 2001! Thanks to Karen for that news bit! I mentioned this before but people are e-mailing me about it again, just a reminder that Steps are due at the Mardi Gras concert on Sunday 30th June in London!

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