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NME: Is H the new DeNiro?

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As every Sunday, the UK charts were announced today. On the albums chart Buzz is at number 96, after its 23rd week on the chart! On the video chart the Live Wembley video is a non-mover at number eight.

NME is reporting this:

Following the success of line-dancing mate LEE LATCHFORD-EVANS and his starring role – as himself – in failing daytime soap ‘CROSSROADS’, H from STEPS is to give acting a spin.

According to the Daily Star, H, real name H, has been offered the lead role in a new West End production of the musical ‘Godspell’. However, H, noted as a wacky joker, may not be able to take the part, which starred former pin-up David Cassidy in the ’70s, due to Steps’ schedule.

H said the offer was “an honour” and “a dream come true”. H is an accomplished all-round entertainer. He pretended to be Leonardo DiCaprio reprising his role in ‘Titanic’ in a Steps video and also once wore a retro chic T-shirt of Jimi Hendrix onstage.

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