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Lots of different news bits today, so have a read! :o) Thanks to Graham for this news on the release of Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry in Australia, it’s released on July 16th 2001 and has this tracklisting: 1. Here & Now (Soundtrade Mix) 2. Here & Now (Almighty Mix) 3. Here & Now (Sleaze Sisters Mix) 4. You’ll Be Sorry (Pardon Mix) 5. You’ll Be Sorry (Bach to Classics Mix) 6. Just Like The First Time. Thanks to Derek for pointing out that the Live Wembley video is being sold at Virgin Megastores for the cheap price of just �2.99! Yes you have read that correctly! So go and buy it now! It seems that Jive might be getting rid of copies here to make space for the very possible Greatest Hits video. Lets hope they release it on DVD this time too :o) are selling the International release of Buzz for just �8.99! This album includes the new track Human Touch! So pop over there if you want this album! Thanks to Adam for this information! For those of you complaining that Buzz hasn’t sold much in the UK, then read this! :o) Buzz has sold a huge 663,000 copies in the UK in 31 weeks which works out at a little over 21,000 copies sold a week! Now that’s not bad is it? Steps are on their way to beating singles records previously held by the Beatles & the Rolling Stones. STEPS have achieved 11 consecutive top 5 hits only bettered by Beatles. Also Steps have achieved 12 consecutive top 10 hits which have only been bettered by Beatles & Rolling Stones. Also sorry for the lack of updates on the events page – I’m having a few problems with some software :o) Anyway one for your diary is this weekend, on ITV at 8.45pm. The new show 70s Mania is showing where Steps are performing a song. The song they are performing will be Tragedy. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me the tracklisting for the Asia release of Here & Now / Summer Of Love 1. Here And Now (Q-Street Mix) 2. Summer Of Love (Radio Edit) 3. Summer Of Love (D-Bop Monday Night Club Mix) Also a message to everyone who has e-mailed me about Steps going solo and US news and stuff. To my knowledge there are NO solo plans at present – and lets be honest they would be rather stupid to start talking about them at this stage as Steps are being so hugely successful – I’m sure they are thinking about it but Jive would be silly to allow it at this moment. US news – there has been a lot of different stories on this. At this time of writing the album is still out on July 24th which is the same day as *NSYNC’s album “Celebrity” (Not Pop as some people e-mailed me saying that was the title, that is their single – video cost $2m and out in the UK early July). Also people are getting excited about a “World Tour” – remember Steps have yet to make a huge impression on the US and still haven’t despite the album possibly being released in just under 6 weeks. Remember we need Steps to make an impression on MTV US’ TRL, as harsh as this might sound – just being big on channels like Nick & Disney won’t give them a huge launch pad in the US. As soon as anything from the US is confirmed we’ll get it up here – we have some exciting stories from the US about singles, videos etc. But nothing has been officially confirmed just yet – rather than spread rumours or half-truths we’ll keep quiet for now – sorry but e-mailing me and asking won’t result in any stories being said either :o) Just think if everything is confirmed it’ll be more exciting when you hear it hehe :o)

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