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New Single, H Interview, New tour?

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Wow its June already! Doesn’t time fly! Anyway as we all know the great new single Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry is in the shops on Monday! So go and get your copy. It is expected to do very well in the charts, so lets all make sure it does! GenSTEPS Version 4 update, we’re getting there still. We had an issue at the beginning of the week with our pictures server again, that is now resolved but it did set us back a few days as we had to re link the entire pictures section! Hopefully all will be done in the next couple of weeks. Just everyone involved with the site is soo busy with school, work etc. Getting good time to sit down and work on it is difficult! New month, and a new Interview. There is a 7 page Interview with H on Channel 4 Text (Page 145) for those of you who can’t get it, read the Interview below: He’s the clown prince of Pop according to Smash Hits readers, and to Steps fans, H is simply king. The perkiest peeps in chartsville are back with a new double-A single Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry, on Monday, but H is here with club today. Clearing up the rumours of a split, revealing all about the Greatest Hits alb and his view on Billie & Chris Evens, It’s over to Mr Watkins …. Trips to Asia, America, Oz and Japan have been helping Steps build up quite a passport stamp collection. “They’re Steps bonkers in Japan” reveals H. “We saw same beautiful sights there, such as temples and the world trade centre.” But now you’re home! “Yes, it’s hard work but I wake up everyday and thank everybody. I love what I do and I appreciate it.” When fans voted Here & Now and You’ll Be Sorry as their fave tracks from Buzz, it helped Steps pick their new single. “We said, ‘Let’s release them both’,” reveals H. “It’s a double whammy. I take lead on You’ll Be Sorry so it’s a boys vocal, which hasn’t happened very often but is very nice.” The tunes are the final ones to be lifted for the fivesome’s third alb. Now they’ve had the hits, done solo projects (albeit not in singing), seems everyone’s ready to resign Steps to the bargin bin of splitstown. “We’re not splitting up so don’t worry” H assures Club. “We’ve got the Greatest Hits out this year and there will be another album after that.” Yippie! And treats on the GH? “We’re covering Diana Ross’s Chain Reaction,” H reveals. Yowsers, Choooooon. After being out of the country for a bit, Steps took a while to catch up on pop goss. But news of H’s pal Billie getting married didn’t hit him too hard. ” I went to her 18th Birthday party last September and that was one of the last times I saw her,” he says. “As long as they’re both happy, I think age has nothing to do with it. Good on ’em. Don’t worry what anybody else thinks, I say.” Just cos you are part of a tip-top pop combo doesn’t mean you hold the key to knowledge of what people will like, admits H Steps. “Pop is up the wall at this minute” he says “I just think it’s really important for us to keep being different and doing things in our own way rather than following suit. Whatever happens, we’ll keep doing what we do best.” Glad to hear it mate! Funniest recent moment? “We left Faye in a burger bar in America! She went off to the toilet and we didn’t realise and drove off!” Hosting SM:TV …. “I love doing stuff with Cat. As long as you’re focused and know what you’re doing, live TV is fine. I’m on on new TV shows with Claire, maybe not just Steps To The Stars” Yesterday on MTV select a caller rang up from Ireland asking why the tour wasn’t coming to Ireland. Faye said something that maybe early next year we’ll bring the tour there as we’re touring again. This would suggest that that the new album has a release date of Late Spring/Early Summer suggesting another UK tour will take place in May. Keep an eye out!

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