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I read this article yesterday. It seems that the official CIN UK music charts will now count internet sales from certain online stores (BOL, Boxman, Jungle and Audiostreet) to help STEPS we will be changing our online shop this weekend so when you buy the new STEPS album online via our store (You might not live in the UK and want a copy) you’re sale will count towards STEPS’ chart position in the UK. I have no idea when this will come into force but we’ll be ready when it does!
Steps have revealed that their forthcoming album Buzz is sure to surprise fans and critics alike and will reveal a hint of their future musical direction. Chatting on the set of the video for their new single Stomp, Lee, Lisa and H told worldpop that some of the new tracks on their third album are sure to raise a few eyebrows. ‘We’ve always had a theme running through our albums and had very Steps-sounding songs on them. But I think that people are going to get really surprised by a few songs on Buzz,’ confessed Lee, adding, ‘They’ll be left thinking, Is that Steps?’ Lee confirmed that Buzz will have ‘a different edge to it.’ He explained that though the band will retain the distinctive Steps pure pop sound, a few of the tracks will hint at the style of future Steps material. ‘We’re gonna get to a different sound later on,’ he said. ‘For now there’s a few hints in there.’ H revealed that Buzz provides a ‘happy medium’ between the Steps of old and the Steps of the future. ‘Like cheese and pineapple at a party!’ added Lisa, somewhat mysteriously. The Welsh pair admitted that they’re proud to have written a selection of the album tracks. ‘Usually everybody says that they’re writing their album but it doesn’t happen,’ confided H, before agreeing with Lisa that songwriting for their own studio album is something they’ve wanted to do for long time. Meanwhile bandmate Claire Richards is chuffed to have recorded her self-penned ballad Hand On My Heart, alongside an 18-string orchestra. ‘It just sounds amazing. It’s typical of me – really slushy,’ she said. As reported previously on worldpop, fifth member Faye Tozer recorded her own track with Cyndi Lauper in America. Stomp is released on 16 October with the album Buzz following on 30 October. Steps are currently rehearsing for the their Christmas tour which kicks off in Birmingham on 18 November. Buy your tickets here on worldpop and look out for more exciting Steps video interviews next month. (Source:

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