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Please note that if you are going to the open air date at Wiltshire, it has been moved to 27 August 2000. Please remember this otherwise you will not see Steps!

According to the official site, the new Steps song will be “Ricky Martin meets Jennifer Lopez…” so from this we take it that the new song will be a Latin-style number.

It seems that the video shoot for Summer Of Love has been delayed:

“The video shoot for “Summer Of Love” has now changed from the previous dates we mentioned.
Because of the tour we are going to be filming our next video towards the end of it. At the moment we have the date planned for 31 May as there is a gap in the tour then. Just thought we would keep you all informed.” – from the official site.

Also a small detail from the upcoming tour, which starts in Glasgow next weekend. Lee and H will be performing the D:Ream song “Things Can Only Get Better” which was used by the Labour party in the last UK general election (odd fact for you there). Also Claire will be performing the Steps song “I Surrender” as her solo song on the tour.

If you are going to a tour, submit your review – no matter how long or short – to the huge database of tour reviews we already have. Check them out in the tours section of GenSTEPS.

More tour dates!

Steps seem to love to tour, I’ve never known a band to tour so much. We have to be rich so we can attended all their tours! A new open-air date has been added in Wales, it takes place on 23 July 2000 at Cardiff Castle. Steps will also be appearing at this month’s Party In The Park, which takes place on 1 July in Hyde Park in London. The event will be shown by T4 on Channel 4.

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