Steps in 2022

More info about Steps’ new look

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Thanks to Taz again for more on Steps’ new look! They are going for a pop-rock look, probably a bit like what the Backstreet Boys wore for their performance at last year’s MTV VMAs. It must be a Jive Records thing!

Thanks to Richard for this information! A Steps TV special will air on Australian television on 23 January – Channel 10 between 6pm and 8pm. It will include the videos to Say You’ll Be Mind and Better The Devil You Know and some footage of the UK concert!

Steps will arrive in Australia soon… 1 Feb they will be in Sydney at ARQ nightclub and appear on the first episode of the Pepsi Music Countdown.

2 February they will be at the Drive Me Crazy movie premiere.

3 February they will be at DCM Nightclub to judge the finals of a drag queen show where contestants must do a Steps routine…

There have been some unconfirmed reports that while they are in Melbourne they may make an appearance on the set of Neighbours. Also we’ve received reports that Steptacular will be released in Canada on 22 February.

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