Steps in 2022

More competition for Christmas number one

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Ever since the Spice Girls announced that they were not releasing a Christmas single this year, everyone thinks they can have it for themselves. The UK sees at least six songs all battling it out to become the last Christmas number one of this century. We all know about Steps’ great offering of Say You’ll Be Mine / Better The Devil You Know but what are their main rivals doing now?

Westlife’s Abba cover I Have A Dream has now been backed by Abba’s Bjorn, he has been quoted as saying: “They’re my daughter’s favourites and mine too now”.

Meanwhile, S Club 7 must be feeling the heat as they are now releasing a double-A single now. But unlike Steps, both of their tracks appear on their debut album whereas if you want Better The Devil You Know you will have to buy the single.

In other news Mel C, of the Spice Girls, has been digging into Steps! She has been accusing Steps over a lack of live singing, among other things! It seems she hasn’t seen the current tour then. If you can forgive Mel then visit a cool Mel C site at

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