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Message from Lisa

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Lisa has left a message for her Australian fans on her official Myspace page.

“Hi guys,
I’ve been looking on my website and I’m so happy to see that I have friends in Oz! Hello to all you gorgeous people! As you probably know, I’m releasing my 1st solo single here in Oz on the 22nd April! Not long now, so please tell all your friends and hopefully we can make ‘Electric’ a success. If it goes well, I’ll be on a plane to you very soon! I’ve been busy in the studio finishing my album so I thought I’d send you a pic! [Where is this picture? We just don’t know.] I’m calling it ‘Never or Now’ after one of my fave songs on it – also, after writing and working on it for 3 years, I’m ready to release it to the world, so it really is now or never! The album is like a journey, I start off as a ‘Dance Diva’ with a sexy little dance track called ‘Lately’,which I co-wtote. This is followed by a portion of pop/dance before turning into a ‘Rock Chick’ with some wicked pop/rock tracks like the title track. I’m very proud of it & I hope you all love it! Keep leaving me messages for me coz I love to read them, they’re like rays of sunshine!
Have fun & take care.
Lisa xxx”

Meanwhile, over on Lisa Official…

The news is revealed that Lisa’s album will be released in the UK as a Special Edition album. No date is set, but the album will not be the same as the Australian edition of “Never Or Now”.

Special Edition? We’re game!

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