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Mars & Venus reviewed in Billboard magazine

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Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) has been written about in US Billboard magazine:

STEPS Mars & Venus (We Fall in Love Again) (3:51)
PRODUCERS: Dane DeViller and Sean Hosein
WRITERS: D. DeViller, S. Hossein, J. Elofsson and A. Goldmark
PUBLISHERS: BMG Songs / Big Caboose / Litte Engine Entertainment, ASCAP; BMG Music Scandinavia/Zomba/Danianne, BMI
Jive 42940 (CD promo)

Teen-targeted Brit foursome Steps managed to move some 200,000 copies of its 2000 debut, Step One, without benefit of radio exposure (aside from the increasingly influential Radio Disney). Like S Club 7, which scored with “Never Had a Dream Come True,” the group has beefed up, if not Americanized, its sound the second time around. In fact, “Mars & Venus (We Fall in Love Again)” is a track that’s not even found on the group’s second disc overseas, but it anchors the new US set, Buzz.

“Mars & Venus” skips along with a light hip-hop beat to a lyric that cleverly explains how opposites attract. The well-constructed chorus has the goods to make the grade at top 40, if not AC, though the production is so low-key that it’s almost too subtle to make the leap from speakers to the hearts of pop fans. Still, there’s plenty of breakout potential on this album; our bets are on
“It’s the Way You Make Me Feel.” CT

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