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Loves Got A Hold On My Heart video gets first play

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Box viewers get excited as you can now watch the new video for the utterly brilliant Loves Got A Hold On My Heart by requesting the number 840. If you don’t have the Box you can go and request to watch the video and help Steps get played on TV by going to the website. My initial impressions of Loves Got A Hold On My Heart were very mixed. When I first heard it at Bliss ’99 I liked it but was unsure as it is so different to the usual Steps sound. But after hearing it a number of times I have to say that I now love it to bits. It is easily the best song they have ever released. And I can already feel the tidal wave that is the promotion for this single about to hit. Next week you won’t be able to get away from Steps as they will be everywhere. And Box viewers, as you will know when Steps are on the Box they aren’t content with one play, they take over the entire channel! With all of their old songs still being requested a lot it can mean only good things for their next step! This song is going to be massive so put on your spangly tops and get out there and dance!

Tonight at 9.00pm if you live in the London area tune into Capital FM as they have an interview with Steps by Margarita Taylor plus the first radio play of Loves Got A Hold On My Heart. Not content with being on the TV every morning next week, Steps will be appearing on CD:UK (as stated last month) on 26 June. It will be a pre-recorded interview with Steps but they won’t be getting the UK exclusive of the video as that was shown on Wig Breakfast (that’s no spelling mistake!) this morning – it was extremely cool and very yellow! Although the actual song has already been previewed on the Big Breakfast a week ago. And was played at various concerts around the country including Bliss ’99 of last week. As usual though MTV and the Box will get the video waaaaaay before anyone else does.

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