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Lisa’s mum Jan hits back at the Sun

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I think this is going to happen for a long time to come… Lisa’s mum has responded to the article printed in The Sun yesterday. This was posted on the message boards at Worldpop.

JAN’s reply to ‘The Sun’
To Dominic Mohan:

I can exclusively reveal that before you print FALSE ACCUSATIONS you should obtain confirmation from the individuals concerned!!

Your comment about Lisa being in a hairdressing salon at Antenna in Kensington, West London last Thursday is complete RUBBISH and worst of all – UNTRUE!!

I can HONESTLY reveal that Lisa was with me in North Wales from Wednesday 11.30pm until Friday 1.00pm. We all then travelled to Manchester for the MEN concerts and didn’t return to North Wales until late on Sunday.

The family were all together from Wednesday evening in North Wales, preparing for the events which would follow the next day, on Thursday at 12 noon.

The only dramatic change that was about to affect Lisa’s life was attending the FUNERAL and coming to terms with the tragic loss of her Father’s younger brother, Lisa’s young uncle, who she’d looked upon as a brother!

(Lisa’s Mum)

This is only the start. This will probably continue for weeks.

More information, this time from Canada:

British pop group Steps is breaking up

LONDON (AP) — After five years of chart-topping success and more than 12 million records sold, the British pop group Steps announced that it is breaking up.

“After five incredible years, we have decided it’s time to move on to new challenges,” Faye, Claire, Lisa, H and Lee said in a joint statement Wednesday. “We have always said that when the time came, we would leave as good friends and go out while we were on top.”

Steps shot to fame as a line-dancing novelty act. Their bubbly image, Abba-esque melodies and the skills of producer Pete Waterman helped establish them as one of Britain’s most successful pop bands.

Their biggest hit was “Tragedy,” which sold 1.2 million copies and went platinum in Britain after claiming the No. 1 spot on the singles chart in January 1999. The band also had an incredible run of 12 consecutive singles in the top five.

Steps recently saw “Gold,” a greatest hits album, debut at No. 1 on the British charts. It has sold more than 1.4 million copies.

The group picked up three prizes at the recent British Smash Hits Awards including best live act and a prestigious Hall of Fame trophy

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