Steps in 2022

Lisa’s Engagement, G

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Firstly I am writing to tell you that I am suffering from a sinus problem, which is meaning that I’m having major pain in my head and my eyes at this moment which is rather limiting my time spent on the computer. Hopefully I can get something to clear this up from the doctors tomorrow and I’ll be back up to full speed shortly. Thanks to everyone who has sent in this piece of news to me, but it has been reported in The Sun that Lisa has got engaged to her boyfriend Johnny from Boom! They have been engaged since Valentine’s Day reports The Sun. Also the Steps Mums and of cause the Steps Girls appear in a Mother’s Day feature in OK magazine. Thanks to Derek for this information. Steps will also be performing at G-A-Y once again to promote their new single. Their current performance is currently slated to be on Saturday May 26th which could mean we do have to wait all the way until the 28th May to get hold of the new single! Thanks to Matt for this information.

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