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Lisa gets sloshed in London

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From ‘The Sun’:

“IT’S always the same. You spend hours getting yourself looking perfect for
a party, then you go and ruin it all by getting sloshed.
LISA SCOTT-LEE fell foul of the oldest rule in the book – when entering and leaving bashes, try to look as elegant as possible.

The former Steps star was the picture of sobriety when she turned up at breast cancer charity fundraiser the Pink Ribbon party at the Waldorf Hotel in London.

But a few – quite a few – glasses of champagne later at the Wellington Club, it was a different story.

Propped up by two mates, who tried to maintain her dignity by pulling her dress down, she was helped into a taxi – only to fall around all over the back seat.

And I’m sure a very, very sore head came the following morning.

Lisa, I salute you.”

Source: The Sun (Includes pictures).

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