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Lisa interviewed at G-A-Y

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This one escaped our notice! Nothing new, but it’s a three part interview with Lisa Scott-Lee, and a section with Intenso too recorded after her performance at G-A-Y.

The interview contains nothing particularly revealing and new, but it’s worth watching to see Lisa dodge questions such as “Did you get on with the rest of the group?”.

+ Lisa’s hopes for ‘Get It On’
“We’re hoping for a top ten… so the single’s the one you need to go out and get.”

+ Lisa’s thoughts on the Steps split
“I didn’t leave Steps… they left me!”

+ Lisa’s new TV show
“Scott-Lee Unlimited is not the title… I’m actually filming for various TV shows at the minute, it’s a really nice time, we’ve had lots of TV offers.”

+ Lisa’s view on her future
“…because Steps did so well, it would be unrealistic of me to think ‘Right well I’d like to have 15 million albums on my own as a solo artist’, so I don’t put that pressure on myself. I just think that I’ve done really well and any more is a bonus.”

See the interview.

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