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Lisa discusses Learning Disability Week

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Lisa is a known supporter of the MENCAP charity (a UK charity which works with people with learning disabilities), and has been discussing the importance of employment for people with learning disabilities as part of Learning Disability Week…

“My first job was in a cake shop. I really enjoyed that job because I got to take any leftover cakes home to my family so I became very popular on Saturday afternoon! I remember spending my first salary of 10.00 on a Madonna CD and a chocolate bar for my Mum.

Having a job really is a wonderful way of learning about life, money and independence, as well as developing valuable people skills.

For people with a learning disability, having a job offers them so many benefits, including financial independence, as well as helping them to be more confident and giving them a new sense of achievement.”

In 2003, Lisa became an ambassador for Mencap as a “tribute” to her two uncles, Alex and Andreas, both of whom have a learning disability. Lisa, who is a regular guest at Mencap events, says: “I get a lot of satisfaction working with Mencap. Learning disability is still a taboo subject in the media. One of the main things I can do as a celebrity is raise awareness and help create a greater understanding.”

For more information visit Mencap’s I want to work website:

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