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Lee wants Steps to “help the war effort”

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Thanks to Alan for this information! Alan was at work the yesterday looking at future pay per view events and noticed that Steps are on there. They are scheduled for 22 December 2001.

Thanks to everyone who has told me that Steps performed Words Are Not Enough on SMTV Live today – and it was live! BUT I was out (had to be up at 8am) and missed it :o( Anyway they said that it was due to be a double-A with I Know Him So Well. Still provisionally due for release on 26 November…

From Worldpop:

Steps’ Lee Latchford Evans has told worldpop the band would consider doing more to entertain the troops in the Middle East following their recent, successful visit to Oman. Speaking exclusively to worldpop backstage at Saturday’s cd:uk, the singer told worldpop. ‘We’d like to do something more for the war effort. We all feel strongly about it but the Oman trip was planned long before war broke out. I think it would be very difficult to go to the Middle East now with the area on high alert. If there is something we can do, we will.’

The singer said he was unaware of comments from other Steps’ band members criticising Geri Halliwell’s ‘outrageous’ backstage demands for her performance in Oman which included a tent complete with a fridge fully stocked with soya milk, a computer with Internet access and air conditioning.

‘I haven’t spoken to Geri about it,’ said Lee. ‘But I do know she worked really hard on getting her performance right while she was out there.’

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