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If you read The Sun this morning they were claiming that Steps are set to beat Michael Jackson to the number one on this weeks album chart – that is false. HMV are reporting that MJ is outselling Steps on average of 3:1 based on sales on Monday alone, MJ sold over 35,000 copies MORE than Steps did on Monday. In brighter news Steps are expected to only drop to number two with Mis-Teeq’s new album only set for a number five entry, this week’s sales should take Gold past the 300,000 mark in just three weeks! – Now who was saying that the Greatest Hits wouldn’t sell that well?! :o)

Sales from yesterday (Monday) have Steps at number two with 13,851 copies sold, Mis-Teeq aren’t far behind at 11,102 and Kylie has sold just over 10,000 at 10,424.

If you want to see Lee’s pictures then check out our message board – I’ve taken the decision this time not to post them on the news page, why? Well they don’t leave much to the imagination and really I don’t need tons of e-mails from people complaining that they are showing a little too much … sorry :o)

We got this sent in today, from a company who makes those Enhanced Sections on the CD Singles that you buy: It’s what the Words Are Not Enough tracklisting could be:

Context added in June 2021:
In the end, this tracklisting was entirely false.


words are not enough (single edit)
R Dancing (vocal mix)
Words are not enough (sleaze sisters anthem mix)
words are not enough video/enhanced section


Words are not (album version)
never get over you (WIP wedding day mix)
words are not enough WIP extended mix

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