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Lee criticised in the Daily Mirror

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It’s The Way You Make Me Feel has dropped down to number eight on Box Tops, the top 10 most-requested videos on the Box.

Thanks to BuzzSteps for sending in this news article from the Daily Mirror yesterday:


Steps mannequin Lee Latchford Evans has a very high opinion of himself for one so talentless.

“I suppose you’re here to get your claws into Dane,” he spat when he bumped into Polly at a private Dane Bowers gig.

“All you tabloid journalists are the same”.

Hasn’t anyone told you how showbusiness works Lee? The Financial Times is hardly queuing up to interview you.

Dane however was charming after an amazing performance from his new album Facing the Crowd.

“Thanks for coming”, he told Polly.

“I wanted to do an acoustic set to show I can sing.” Which is more than some can say!

Thanks to the Steps-Channel for sending this into us: in Spain, Steps will be about from 19-24 February. They will be appearing at a party thrown by radio station 40 Principales on their show Fanclub, also on the bill are other UK acts such as A1, S Club 7 and Samantha Mumba.

Remember that the final five from UK’s Popstars will be announced this weekend. The group’s name is rumoured to be “Inner-Spin” and singers that have failed at the last stages are expected to be making their own group, which would mean even more pop acts trying to rival Steps in their single / album and concert sales!

Context added in March 2020:
In the end, the band formed by Popstars was called Hear’say. Five singers that did not make the band went on to form Liberty X.

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