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Latest UK Sales Figures – 6th November 2001

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Today I recieved some updated sales figures for UK album sales between Sunday and close of business on Monday, before you get to excited only 1,400 copies seperate the number one and number three albums.
Steps continue to prove to everyone else in pop world that they are one of the biggest acts today, they have sold 12,409 copies so far this week moving back to number one!! Britney’s new album isn’t far behind at 11,694 at number two and Michael Jackson is at number three with 11,009 copies sold.

Its very close, 1,000 or so copies can easily be overturned in just a day’s worth of sales. As you might have seen on TV Jive have quite a long advert for the new Britney album, Sony’s approach with the MJ album is little promotion to none for its early months (Its expected it pick up in 2002) .. I should get more updates as the week progresses, as always I’ll keep you updated.

A bit late here in Ireland, Chain Reaction drops to number 36 and the Gold album has dropped to number 8.

Thanks to Monika for sending this in to us! Faye & Lisa are in this months Top Of The Pops magazine more info at the TOTP Website

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