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Gold closes in on Christmas number one

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The media is now picking up on the close sales we reported yesterday.

From Ananova:

Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Steps are battling it out for the number one album spot. There are only a few hundred sales between the three albums, according to midweek sales figures. Michael Jackson’s Invincible is currently number one in the Official UK Album Charts. Steps are at number two with Gold. Britney Spears’ new album Britney was released this week. HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo says it’s going to be a three-way scrap. He said: “There’s only a few hundred either way and with the majority of records sold on a Saturday, there’s no guarantee who will take the number one spot. “It’s going to be very close.”

Talking sales, I have received the latest sales figures which are from Sunday to end of sales on Tuesday, and it’s good news for Steps! Just remember that as we’re closing in towards Christmas the weekend sales will be higher than usual meaning that a few thousand copies could be overturned in just a day. At close of sales Tuesday:

1. Steps – Gold The Greatest Hits – 19,112
2. Britney Spears – Britney – 18,193
3. Pink Floyd – Echoes – The Best Of … – 15,436
4. Michael Jackson – Invincible – 15,357
5. Sting – All This Time – 13,953
6. Kylie Minogue – Fever – 13,269
7. Corrs – The Best Of – 11,722
8. Backstreet Boys – Chapter One : Greatest Hits – 11,697
9. Cliff Richard – Wanted – 11,459
10. Alicia Keys – Songs In A Minor – 11,432

Jive did their homework didn’t they? Look how many Greatest Hits album are inside the UK Top 10! Jive also currently have three albums in the UK Top 10! Steps do have an advantage of just under 1,000 over Britney which isn’t much. Michael Jackson is only slightly under 3,000 copies behind at number four. Saturday might be a busy day this week for album sales, but if Steps can keep Britney from the number one spot that really would be great for Steps and would really upset many Britney fans :o)

This is a reminder more than anything else. On the week beginning 19 November 2001 the school that I work at will be undergoing an OFSTED examination. For our Non-UK visitors this is a government assessment of the school, its teachers etc. to ensure that it is doing the best job it can and that areas which need work on get notified and an action plan put in place etc. As I’m one of the head IT people I’ve been given a lot of work leading up to this assessment and during the assessment also, therefore if the site hasn’t been updated you will now know why – its probably due to me being at home doing some work for the next day.

If you’ve been at school during one of these you will know what they are like – not that pleasant. I will try my upmost to update the site, and a new bunch of videos will be uploaded this weekend, although not all 30 might be available, might do 15 this week and 15 next week but I’ll see how that goes :o)

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