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ITV up close with Faye

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You’ve just started Love Shack. How’s it going?

Good, really good. Everyone’s laughing at the right times which is the most important thing.

And why did you choose it?

When I was offered it I went through a stage of saying ‘yes and no’.

But when I was going through the script I found that the character was funny and different and I haven’t done that before so I thought “Why not?”.

This is your second musical. Do you find performing live in front of a theatre audience daunting?

Well, I don’t find it daunting. This is the first time I’ve acted in a show – the first show I did was all singing. This one made me more nervous – particularly during the rehearsals.

But once we’re on stage it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s really good fun doing comedy, but we think it’s a bit too funny. We all end up corpsing on stage which is so unprofessional.

So is acting something you’d like to pursue?


Is there any role in particular?

I really fancy doing a period drama. I really enjoy watching them. It’s nice to wear costumes and go back and be an old wench or something.

Ah, the best type of woman. Now, you’re also recording your debut solo album. How is that going?

It’s alright. It’s been very slow (I started about two years ago). But the genre of music has changed.

It started off being rocky and heavy – I think I was trying to get away from the Steps thing. I think I went too far so I had to calm it down. Then I went through a reggae stage, then an R‘n’B stage and then we pulled it back.

Now what we’re working on is still pop, but is slightly edgy. It’s kind of Gwen Stefani.

So when you’re relaxing, what do you listen to? Is it Steps?


I don’t think I would have brought Steps had I been a punter.


I really enjoyed being in it, but I’m just not into that sort of music. Although saying that, I did buy Girls Aloud quite recently.

That was brave…

Well I quite like them. I think out of the pop groups out at the moment they produce good, up-beat music.

Steps was quite unique in that a lot of bands simply fade away into nothingness, but you guys split at the top of the game. Why did you do that?

Well, Claire and H resigned. That was the reason it stopped. They wanted to go and do their own thing, and they put out their album.

Were you Okay with that?

Not at all. I was mortified. I had one day’s notice and that was it. But that’s all history now.

So are you guys still in touch?

Yeah. I’ve seen them all in the last few weeks.

It took a while to get back in touch – it was horrible.

It must be quite tough to have that landed on you.

Yes. One day you’re in one of the most successful bands in the country, and the next you’re unemployed.

That’s quite harsh.

How did you deal with it?

Russell Watson picked me up and I did a single with him. We went on tour all the way round the world.

Yeah, you performed to 140,000 people. How was that?

I was scared s**tless. It was probably the scariest moment I’ve ever had, singing live to 140,000 people who didn’t know Steps.

So what is your goal now?

Well, to have solo success. If I could do that, then I could go on to my next thing.

I think you always have to have goals.

So what’s the ultimate goal?

I’d love to do a film, but I’m not sure whether I’m past it now. Well, you never know do you?

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