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Lisa heading to the sky with CelebAir?

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There’s news in Lisa Camp, as the Sunday People is reporting that Lisa and her husband Johnny are set to feature in a new ITV2 reality TV series; CelebAir, where ITV2 will be taking to the sky with a real plane, flying to real places, staffed by real celebrities!

In this new eight-part series, 10 celebrities will take on a range of jobs on the ground and in the air to battle it out ultimately to become CelebAir’s star employee and win thousands of pounds for the charity of their choice.

Functioning as a regular airline, members of the public can book to fly with CelebAir to a host of glamorous locations as the celebrity crew take on roles from check-in clerks to air stewards and they could be anyone from a famous sportsman to a pop star.

CelebAir will push the celebrities to their limits; one day they will be dealing with a hell-raising hen party coming back from a night in Malaga, the next they will have to cope with a delayed flight full of families heading out to Alicante.

At every stage of the journey the famous faces will be judged and rated by their own passengers and each week the worst performing celebrity gets given the boot.

However, before any of the famous faces are allowed to start their new jobs, they will have to undertake a rigorous six-week training programme run by Monarch, the airline involved in the show, and they will be required to adhere to Monarch’s tough standards whilst working for CelebAir.

For more information about the show and to find out how to buy tickets go to

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