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Channel 4 Text grabbed H and Claire and had a long interview with them, this is that interview:
H’s gram and Claire’s mum are partially responsible for Steps’ new book. “My mum used to keep all our press cuttings”, says Claire. “There’s just too many of them. Our book is a way of documenting what’s going on in the band on tour, so mum can keep up!” H nods in agreement. “My gran’s the same. Its a huge book, but it only covers one week on tour! It even made me realise how hectic our lives are.”

Steps’ hectic life isn’t helped when they get caught up in a row with their old producer and mentor, Pete Waterman. Pete said last week that, despite doing five tracks on the new album, he’s “bored” of working with them. “He hasn’t told us that,” tuts Claire. “Nothing Official has been said to us at all, which I do find a little strange. I wouldn’t have a problem working with him again.”

Like Claire, H is mystified at comments by their producer Pete Waterman that he doesn’t want to work with them. “It’s typical, isn’t it?” he sighs. “I went on a rare holiday for two weeks and got back home to see ‘Steps in producer split’ stories everywhere. We’re still all trying to get to the bottom of it. I wonder if it might be connected to the fact that Pete’s autobiography has just been published?”

While their former guru Pete Waterman seeming doesn’t love them anymore, is it true that H himself has rejected songs he co-wrote with Gary Barlow? “Not at all” smiles H. “The songs we wrote together are fantastic, they just aren’t right for the new album. Gary’s a lovely bloke, very talented. The songs will appear somewhere in the future, certainly. Gary doesn’t deserve the criticism he’s getting right now.”

Steps’ new album Buzz doesn’t have any H/Barlow co-writing credits – the the band have each written their own songs. “That’s a custard pie in the face for our critics, isn’t it?” beams H. Claire, who anxiously asks “Did you like my song?” adds: “It’s out third album, so it was time we got involved more. I loved writing – we’re talking about writing for other bands now. Who? Ohh … that would be telling …”

One highlight from Steps’ tour not on Buzz is the girls’ big-throated cover of weepy 80s No. 1 I Know Him So Well. “Funny you should ask about that, ” says Claire, “We’re looking at doing a Best Of album next year, and they may well be a new song for it.” H leans forward out of his sofa to add: “Our own Greatest Hits album! Can you imagine how good that’s going to sound? Even now, I can’t wait to hear it all.”

According to Claire, next year’s plans for a Greatest Hits album will all the and some much needed time off. “We’d planned to take a year out after out Spring Tour” she reveals. “Because of the new songs we’d written, we were keen to record them quickly instead. “We really will need time off after our Christmas tour, though, so a brand new album might be two years off. But we will be still together to make one!”

According to Channel 4 Faye has now got engaged to her long time boyfriend Jasper.

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