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Huge Steps news: a sitcom in the works?

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Context added in March 2020:
The BBC did publish the article below in 1999, but the programme was never produced.

Announced today on the BBC News entertainment page, Steps could be starting a Friends-style sitcom over in the US to help boost the group’s fan base.

In a similar style to the show Miami 7 that helped launch the popular group S Club 7 over in the UK, this could be the break the group needs.

But UK fans do not need to worry as Lisa and Lee will be presenting the Pepsi Chart Show next week! This will be the second time members of the group have taken over from Dr Fox, after Faye and Lee did the job excellently before. It is clear that Steps are now branching-out into the world of television after a huge number of successful and popular appearances on a whole host of UK shows.

Thanks to Alex for letting me know about this.

Here is the full article from the BBC:

Pop group Steps could soon be gracing US TV screens as the stars of their own brand new Friends-style comedy show.

The five-piece group – whose hits include Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart and a cover of the Bee Gees’ Tragedy – are flying to America in November to begin talks with the show’s producers.

They include actress and director Debbie Allen, who starred as dance teacher Lydia Grant in the hit 1980s series Fame.

She has since co-produced Steven Spielberg’s movie Amistad, and directed the US sci-fi series Quantum Leap.

One of the Steps line-up, singer Faye Tozer, said the new show’s format had virtually been written around the group.

“They were doing an English-type Friends thing, but more about what our band is about – ‘band is trying to a make it in America’ – that was the theme.

“Boyfriends coming in and out, people going off their heads and going doolally,” she explained.

But she added all the Steps members were keen to do some real acting for the series.

“They might change our personas. We don’t want to play ourselves exactly, that would be really difficult.

“I don’t think people could script it the way we really are. We want to play something slightly different,” she said.

Steps rose to fame in the UK in 1998 and have recently been trying to make a name for themselves in the US.

Earlier this year they toured America with teenage pop star Britney Spears – which was a success, according to Tozer.

“You’d run on stage, do your thing and if you’re lucky you can grab the crowd,” she said.

“I don’t know how we did it, but when we said jump, they jumped.”

British TV viewers will also soon be seeing a lot more of Steps members in the near future.

Lisa Scott-Lee and Lee Latchford-Evans are to front Channel 5’s Pepsi Chart show next week.

Claire Richards and Ian Watkins, known as H, are to present a children’s talent show called Steps to the Stars next year.

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