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Hold the presses: Lisa’s album is being mastered!

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Lisa Scott-Lee’s album has been recorded! And that’s official!

Although neither the release date or album name have been decided, an album of tracks have been recorded and are now being mastered. The album is said to be a mix of “Unleashed” songs, and new material.

A little digging on the internet by forum member ‘blue stepster’ uncovers the following track names produced by Point4 in 2003:

What A Rush
Why Can’t I
Music Is My Lover

Plus there are the tracks from the album sampler:

I’ll Wait For You
Obscenely Delicious
Back In Time

And the other “Unleashed” tracks, of which only short clips have ever leaked:

Bad Girl
Burnt Out and Falling
Going out to You
Let Me Inside
The Rhythm

And songs we’ve already seen released:

Too Far Gone
Get It On
Boy On The Dancefloor

As well as a few others that have ‘done the rounds’:

There are worse things I could do
U Sure Do
I’m Burning
Sunshine (After the rain)
That’s That
Don’t You Want My Number?
Make It Last Forever

And one or two rumours:
Lov’d up

As well as tracks which have been on record label databases since Lisa went solo:

Love won’t wait
I Know What I Like
Over and Over
Touch Me
Beautiful Mind
I Confess

AND those tracks we never heard in full from “Totally Scott-Lee”:

Rescue Me
I Was Made For Loving You
Never or Now

All in all, Lisa’s actually recorded more solo material than we often realise! And we’re promised that no matter what the British pop climate dictates, the album will be available to buy through Lisa’s official site. Possibly as MP3, although we’re crossing our fingers for a full CD package with album artwork.

It’s been that long since we had an album from the Steps gang that the very thought of this finally coming through to fruition is very, very exciting.

The prospect of a Lisa Scott-Lee album makes us tremble like a child on Christmas Eve. It’s finally happening. Lisa Scott-Lee has recorded her album.

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