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H writing with Andrew Frampton for third album

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This has been taken directly from WorldPop:

H has given WorldPop some juicy titbits of information about Steps’ third album due out in October.

Following their sell-out tour of the UK the band whizzed straight into a week-long bout of songwriting in preparation for their highly anticipated follow up to Steptacular. ‘We had a week off as soon as the tour was over and I spent the time songwriting,’ confessed chataholic H.

Could he allow WorldPop a sneak preview? Of course! ‘I wrote two tracks with Andrew Frampton, who has written most of the other Steps tracks,’ explained the blond heart throb. ‘They’re cracking tracks and I’m dead excited about them. The first one is a huge, thumping song called Learn To Love Again and the other one is a slushy slow number called If I Could Say The Words which is very Backstreet Boys.’

As reported earlier this month on worldpop Faye spent her valuable time off working with 80s pop star Cyndi Lauper in the States. The record-breaking group now need to find some time in Steps’ hectic schedule to record their handiwork. ‘We’re going into the studio to record some of the new material very soon and I can’t wait,’ added a (not unusually) excitable H.

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