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H to star in Channel 4 documentary H-Side Story

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Press Release
T4: H Side Story [Adults 16-34] – Arts & Music
A series of eight half-hour programmes following Ian “H” Watkins (ex-Steps) as he joins the Musical Theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music. The results of this baffling coup will all be captured as the former Butlin’s Redcoat joins some of the world’s most gifted young musicians.

The series will document his progress through the tough 60-hour week course over a period of nine months and will also provide an insight into his celebrity world, his private life and the difficulties he faces because of his reputation as the “really annoying one out of Steps”. How will the austere tutors, normally used to moulding perfection out of top grade musicians, cope with the naffest name in pop? Can H become credible within the industry? God forbid, might we all end up thinking, ‘H is actually quite a good bloke’ as we watch him on a Sunday morning?

Details of H’s new TV show have been revealed. Attitude magazine;

“For those of you of a theatrical bent, deffo televisual high-point of the month is H-Side Story a fly-on-the-wall peek into the life of the amazingly likeable and talented Ian ‘H from Steps’ Watkins as the ex-Butlins redcoat joins a musical theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music. Expect to see him caked in slap and firing scat across the stage as Leigh Bowery in Taboo The Musical some time soon.”

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