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H & Claire filming DJ in Miami

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A few updates on the official H & Claire website:

Hellooo to you all. Thanks for logging onto – we promise to make this a fantastic site for you with loads of exclusive news and information. As you know we’re currently in Miami and we’re having the time of our lives. It’s so amazing over here – our new record company is really looking after us. Claire and I had a great time on the flight watching movies on individual video players. Claire watched American Pie 2 and I watched a really scary horror movie, 13 Ghosts. I love any vampire or spooky ghost movie. We were met at Miami airport by a huge white stretch limo which took us to Miami Beach where we’re staying in a fabulous hotel overlooking the beach with an incredible swimming pool. There’s an amazing fitness centre I’ve visited every day for my daily work out (well, everybody is so body-conscious over here, you’ve got to do your bit haven’t you?).

Wednesday we chilled out and spent Thursday at a dance rehearsal studio working with our new choreographer, Dan Karaty. Dan is only 22 but has already choreographed NSync, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue’s “In Your Eyes”. He is incredible and has devised such a cool routine to DJ – much harder than any previous routine we’ve done but it looks amazing. We have four dancers from Los Angeles in the video – some of the top dancers in the whole world. At the end of the choreography day I was so knackered I went for a jacuzzi and massage but Claire went out with Jackie, our makeup artist, for dinner on Ocean Drive which is crammed full with amazing restaurants and art deco hotels.

On Friday, we headed out to the video shoot location in Fort Lauderdale. We hired a huge, very glamorous, Italian-style villa on the waterfront. It’s owned by the Budweiser beer family and looks like the kind of place Donatella Versace would throw a party at. The video starts with Claire stepping off a huge white speedboat on the dock alongside the house; she then joins me in an Italian garden. We had 40 “extras” including the most incredibly beautiful models chosen from agencies in Miami and all looking like supermodels! The styling in our video is stunning. Our stylist Faye Sawyer got most of the clothes from Dolce & Gabanna and spent a fortune – Claire’s shoes alone cost over £1,000. She also wore some incredibly valuable diamonds lent to us by Mouawad.

The second half of the video is based by a swimming pool with swimmers in the pool and a really cool DJ playing at the decks. Fat Boy Slim is in town but we couldn’t find him to get him to do a cameo role… Director Patrick Kiely (who also directed Chain Reaction for Steps) had a waterfall built and stood a girl swimmer underneath as water poured all over her. We did the dance routine with dancers by the pool and all the extras around us as the director filmed through the waterfall. A late finish at 4am and headed straight to bed.

On Saturday we filmed an interview with BBC Liquid News on the beach then hit the shops with Jackie, Faye, our hair stylist Jenny and manager Tim Byrne. Claire splashed out on new sunglasses and I picked up a shirt by Swedish designer J Lindeberg having seen the exact same one in his shop in Stockholm last week. Claire and I are getting on even better than ever – she’s a fantastic best friend. We’re in Miami for another week to have meetings with songwriter Andreas Carlsson (who wrote Here and Now and Words Are Not Enough) and producer Brian Rawling – we’re going with Brian to meet Barry Gibb at his Miami home. How cool is that! Actually we know we are very, very lucky and we really appreciate how fortunate we are. If it wasn’t for the people who support us (you!) we wouldn’t be here so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Loads of love,
H xx

The website previously said that the video will be on TV by the Easter Holidays… well they’ve now started. Although this week (from Friday) is a Westlife special on the Box and Britney special on Smash Hits so this week coming is probably not the best week to debut a video…

Also previously mentioned on their website:

H & Claire are already confirmed for some of the summer roadshows, so you’ll soon be able to see them performing live in a town near you. Confirmed dates as follows:

25 May – Bristol City Football Club, Aston Gate Stadium, Bristol
3 June – Wyven Radio Music Festival, Worcester Cricket Club
13 July – Somerset’s Big Gig 2002, Bath & West Showgrounds
27 July – Ripley’s Party In The Park, Ripley Castle Harrogate
15 August – Wiltshire Festival, Lydiard Park Swindon

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