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H and Claire to present TV show

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H and Claire will be presenting a brand new TV programme called Steps To The Stars.

It will be a talent contest where the winners will get the chance to perform on live TV on the popular Saturday morning show Live and Kicking. And best yet they are still asking for people to apply.

So if you think you have a talent worth showing to the entire nation, go to BBC Ceefax page 534 for the details. Thanks to Yelloboy for this info.

Lisa may be on the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, the comedy music programme. We say: “Go on Lisa, show ’em what you’re made of!” because the last Steps appearance on that show was a bit tragic. Faye went on and they asked her “Which song does this line come from?”

She didn’t know – and unfortunately it was from the chorus of Tragedy, which was in the charts at the time! She deserved a big hug after that.

More on the New BBC Series taken from page 534 on BBC’s Ceefax:

Steps To The Stars is presented by H and Claire. It’s a children’s talent show, which you have to be between 8 – 17 to enter.

Ceefax says “there will be a performance from the band on every show”, so that makes the programme worth watching anyway! If you want to enter you need to send a videotape and / or an audio tape along with pictures of yourself (all of which cannot be returned so make sure you have copies) to:

Steps To The Stars
PO Box 17237
W12 6GY

All tapes must be sent by 7 October 1999. If you are chosen you will attend an audition, which will take place across the UK, but please remember that these auditions are invitation only. The overall winner gets a Steps To The Stars trophy and will be allowed to perform on Live and Kicking. So if you have a talent, send off yours tapes ASAP!

More news on the above when we get it.

Check out this months issue of Sky magazine for the hottest pictures of the three hottest ladies in pop. After this photo shoot we may find the trio of beauties higher up the Top 100 women charts. You may not have realised it until now but the three ladies, Lisa, Claire and Faye are the most stunning women in the music industry (and yes that includes Caprice). The interview is very straight to the point and very revealing, if you want to be shocked by what those seemingly innocent girls have been up to this is a must-read. The magazine costs £2.50 and is too hot to handle!

Can you see how Steps are starting to lose their cheesy pop image?

Also out today is the TV Hits poster magazine with a selection of great posters of the group. Well worth the £1.25.

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