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GenSTEPS 4, Blackpool, New Songs, Lee – 13th August 2001

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As you can see GenSTEPS 4 is now with us. Firstly many of you might be thinking, wow it took this long? Well infact this could be called GenSTEPS 7 as this is the 4th redesign of version 4 as the previous 3 where deemed not good enough so that is why it took soo long. We all hope that you enjoy the site and it’s new features.
Firstly time to update with some stories, that I’ve missed over the past few weeks and some new stories that arrived today, firstly a couple of stories reported by Ananova;

A host of pop acts are set to perform their hits live to signal this year’s switch-on of the Blackpool lights.
DJ Janice Long will present performances by Steps, Emma Bunton, Marti Pellow, Lisa Stansfield and Roxette on August 31.
The event will be broadcast live on Radio 2 at 8:30pm.
Lee from Steps told Waveguide: “We’re all really looking forward to going to Blackpool for the show and switching on the lights.
“I used to go there as a kid and have really happy memories of the town.”

Also reported by Ananova:

H from Steps is in talks with producers of the stage musical Godspell. He hopes to take part in the West End show sometime next year. H says he may look to a career in musicals when Steps eventually split up.
However, H has stressed there are no current plans for the demise of Steps.
Steps release their new single, Chain Reaction, on September 24, which will be followed by the release of a “radio-friendly” ballad, Words Are Not Enough, around Christmas, and the disco track, Baby Don’t Dance, early next year.
The latter brace of singles will be featured on Steps’ forthcoming greatest hits album, Gold, which comes out on October 15.

Interesting that article, seems that there are indeed 3 singles due to be released from the Greatest Hits album so perhaps the rumours of a new album next year aren’t too far from the truth.

Channel 4 Text is reporting this story about Lee:
Lee nearly quit Steps shock horror! He was asked to appear in a US TV show and almost quit the band when told their schedule wouldn’t permit it!

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