Steps in 2022

First album track names revealed!

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It has been announced that Steps are to play on 30 November in Newcastle. Six tracks from the new album are named in this fortnight’s Smash Hits magazine. They are named as:

Loves Got A Hold On My Heart – First single to be released 6 July (date may change)
Make It Easy On Yourself – a possible follow-up single
When I Said Goodbye – The Christmas duet by H and Claire
Never Say Never Again – An ABBA-esque song
Deeper Shade Of Blue
I Surrender

H is on the front cover of the Smash Hits magazine and there is a two-page interview about him. You also get a full page pic of Faye, which is great. It is easily worth the £1.25 asking price, don’t miss the next issue when there will be a huge H poster! And apparently the new Steps look for the second album is going to be yellow! Well, what do you think? Should we follow the lead or stick with the classic Step One look?

Context added in March 2020:
The song Make It Easy On Yourself was actually called Make It Easy On Me.

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